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CHARLOTTE FASHION WEEK-FALL 2015:  Recyclable Designer Competition

MODEL: Aleisha Salz       PHOTOGRAPHY:   

SPRINGTIME: Used Coffee Filters and Tea Bags with Wire Jewelry Accents 

Aleisha as Spring   photo (5)

MODEL: Alexis Sherrill   PHOTOGRAPHY: Sharon Albright    

SUMMER: Parachute with Wire Jewelry Accents

Sharon Albright Photography

MODEL: Haley Dantos       PHOTOGRAPHY: Destyne Images

FALL: Brown Paper Grocery Bags with Wine Bottle Glass and Copper Jewelry

Hayley as Fall    IMG_7934 (1)photo (4)    IMG_3776 IMG_3766

MODEL: Jayla Elmore       PHOTOGRAPHY: Destyne Images 

WINTER: Cellophane with embroidered paper snow flakes and Blue Glass (Recycled Bottles) and Sterling Silver Headpiece and Belt

Jaylas as winter 2    2015 08 27 CSFW Thursday part 2-0050photo (3)

PASSPORT TO FASHION- SPRING 2016:  Recyclable Designer Competition  

 MODEL: Sarah Umphlett       PHOTOGRAPHY: Vince Williams                                                                   

JULIETTE- Dress Commissioned by OPERA CAROLINA: Brochures and FlyersLRE-1-503.jpgLRE-1-471.jpg

 MODEL: Gabrielle Pepper                PHOTOGRAPHY: Vince Williams   

HARLEQUIN CLOWN: Brochures,Flyers and Packing MaterialLRE-1-506.jpg


MODELS:Sarah Umphlett, (Cast Member),Gabrielle Pepper  PHOTOGRAPHY: Kristen Neal


RUNAWAY RUNWAY-APRIL 2016:  Recyclable Designer Competition

MODEL: Sarah Umphlett       PHOTOGRAPHY: Just Beautiful LLC   

SPRINGTIME: Used Coffee Filters and Tea Bags with Wire Jewelry Accents 

Practice Walk_3.jpgPractice Walk_4.jpg

Cydcor National Convention-June 22, 2016:  Recyclable Designer Accessories and Table Display Pieces

PHOTOGRAPHY: Just Beautiful LLC   

MATERIALS: Aluminum House Siding,Rain Gutter Coverings, Wire



IMG_1211.jpg                         IMG_1218.jpgFullSizeRender.jpgIMG_6305.jpgIMG_6301.jpg



OPERA CAROLINA-  2016/2017 Season  

 PHOTOGRAPHY: Just Beautiful LLC                                                               

Girl of the West- Dress Commissioned by OPERA CAROLINA: Brochures and Flyers



Arts and Science Council (Charlotte, NC)-  2017 

 PHOTOGRAPHY: Just Beautiful LLC                                                               

North Carolina Dogwoods in Bloom- Dress Commissioned by The Arts and Science Council: Brochures and Flyers


NEW YORK COUTURE FASHION WEEK-Sept 9, 2017:  Recyclable Designer for Opera Recycles

MODEL: Alexis Sherrill       PHOTOGRAPHY: Andres Aquino

Juliette Dress: Brochures and Flyers



MODEL: Kenzie Malz      PHOTOGRAPHY: Andres Aquino

Girl of the West Dress: Brochures and Flyers


BECHTLER MUSEUM OF MODERN ART- June, 2018:  Recyclable Designer for Opera Recycles

MODEL: McKenna Koch      PHOTOGRAPHY: Sarah Danee

Eugene Onegin: Melted CD’s and Old Curtains

MODEL: Ella Grace      PHOTOGRAPHY: Sarah Danee

Magic Flute, Queen of the Night: Paper Brochures and Cellophane

PARIS FASHION WEEK-March 4, 2019:  Recyclable Designer for Opera Recycles

MODEL: McKenna Koch      PHOTOGRAPHY: Sarah Danee

Springtime in Paris: All Weather Banners


Halloween Costume: Jessica Rabbit

MODEL: Amy Sue      PHOTOGRAPHY: Sarah Danee

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